Rabu, 26 Agustus 2015

What is the danger Lump Behind Ear ?

Clara Freestyle - Not intentionally you find the state of small lumps like green beans behind the ear in the form of liquid chewy. Bahayakah lump behind this ear? A state in which a small lump on the back of the earlobe could be due to enlarged lymph nodes?

The lymph nodes serve to produce white blood cells which have the function against microorganisms which harm the body. Basically, there are glands in the armpits, neck, groin, heart, right and left side. These glands if left will have an enlarged and damage the health of your body, even in the long term in causing lymphoma.

The swelling that occurs in the area behind your ear or lymph nodes known as including also the problem that caused due to the body's immune system when an infection will probably expand. Under normal conditions the lymph nodes will not be felt but if the lymph nodes has exceeded the size of 1cm so that suspicion can affect disorders that can bring problems to you. Although basically have lymph nodes for maintaining that do not easily hurt.

But if the infected lymph nodes may be enlarged so that one of them could be caused because of infection that is caused by tonsil namely the streptococcal bacteria that can cause fever and runny nose then create gland enlargement which looks at the bottom of the jaw sector that continues to expand. At the time of the circumstances you often experience pain as well as fever, cough, cold or flu so at home lymph nodes in the back of the head precisely in the ear sector would lead to enlargement. Enlarged lymph nodes will cause many kinds of diseases from mild illness to a disease that that harm.

Here are various diseases that would arise if an enlarged lymph node:

1. Acute Infection

Enlarged lymph nodes can cause severe infections in the surrounding area as well as in the head and neck. This swelling will take place in line with the state bodies and the occurrence of fever as well as redness and soft consistency. This factor would be due to an infection with bacteria, even so this matter can heal itself.

2. Chronic Infections

Enlarged lymph nodes is caused because the micobacterium tuberculosa. The disease is associated with the lungs, even so there are also who has this infection though his lungs healthy. Further sensors are used for knowing very lung health.

3. Primary Cancer Lymph node enlargement

This cancer can be cured if detected early, but if swelling bigger and have not found relief expected to be found swelling in another room such as the groin and armpit that cause trouble for the recovery, even if it could be in an advanced stage will undergo relapse is quite large.

That way you should do the sensor to the doctor to determine which node enlargement are on offer, which correspond to aid that has not been severe enlargement will create a direct reply recovery and avoid the effects reappear.